Washington, DC: TOD Station Area Analysis & Typology


Working with Nelson Nygaard, TND Planning, and DC Office of Planning Staff, Urban Advisors helped in developing a typology of 35 Metro Station Areas.  Urban Advisors has been developing analysis tools for understanding the potential of places to change under the formative effects of planning.  Looking at 35 station areas, we used GIS analysis to identify the capacity of station areas for new development based on existing zoning.  The analysis first identified how much land was either vacant, or under-improved.  Under-improvement was evaluated based on the projected value of total build-out of each tax parcel under current zoning, compared with the actual tax assessments.  This removed the price of land from the analysis, which eliminated factors such as neighborhood and locational values allowing us to compare different neighborhoods around the city.  Next, the net capacity for development under the same categories of existing improvement value were calculated to understand the capacity for new development in the station areas.  This innovative analysis technique is proving useful in helping policy makers classify Station Areas by existing potential and land utilization, so that appropriate policy tools and zoning can be applied to shape the vision for each area.