Fairfax, Virginia: Fairfax Boulevard Masterplan- Economic Analysis

Urban Advisors worked on a team with Dover Kohl & Partners to develop a master plan and form based code for Fairfax Boulevard. Through a charrette process we determined that the goals of the project were to preserve the business viability, improve quality of life for residents and ensure a tax base for services. The plan that emerged concentrated development at three nodes along the highway corridor, where we worked with the design team to propose feasible land use programs, including housing, retail and employment, that would enhance the character of each location. An important component of this project involved showing how places that provide a concentration of amenities are valuable and attractive to businesses and residents. By improving conditions at the designated nodes, the corridor could offer the urban amenities that would capture a wider segment of regional growth, particularly including businesses that would support the tax base. The plan was adopted by city council in 2008.