Fayetteville, Arkansas: City Plan 2025- Development Scenarios Analysis

fville 2025 landscape

Working through a two week charrette process, UrbanAdvisors assisted Dover, Kohl & Partners and Hall Planning & Engineering with planning to guide the next 20 years of growth in Fayetteville. UrbanAdvisors researched employment, future demographics and current and past land use densities and patterns to help create an innovative plan that will create a series of new neighborhoods and prevent sprawl. We provided analysis of development scenarios under alternative policies, and were able to graphically and numerically demonstrate the costs and required land for conventional sprawl versus traditional neighborhood patterns. Besides being more cost effective and land efficient the Smart Growth policy recommendations laid the foundation for extending the scale of the existing, historic neighborhoods and commercial districts. The new plan forms a legal framework for the use of form based code citywide. The plan won an award from the Arkansas APA for comprehensive planning, and a 2007 Charter Award from the Congress of the New Urbanism.