Memphis, Tennessee: Broad Avenue- Revitalization Strategy & Action Plan

Broad ave wreg

The Broad Avenue charrette was undertaken to provide a test case of the use of form based code within the newly revised Memphis city-county code prepared by Duncan Planning. Working with Lee Einsweiler of Duncan Planning, Ferrell Madden Associates and Rick Hall Transportation Planning, Urban Advisors identified economic strategies for the redevelopment of the corridor and revitalization of the surrounding low income neighborhoods. Through a community-based effort in talks with the community, local developers, CDC’s, the local churches and businesses, Urban Advisors formulated step-by-step action plans, goals and financing strategies for two, five and ten years. Recommendations included strategies for the creation of affordable housing, housing rehabilitation, code enforcement, and creation of space at a cost to allow for new business and minority entrepreneurs. Most importantly to the community, we were able to demonstrate unexpected market support for neighborhood serving retail which generated interest from a local grocery chain.